Housing Stability Services Program

Available 24/7

Housing Stability Services Program

Available 24/7

Funded by Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

Funded by Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

Employment Assistance

A major focus of The Housing Stability Services Program is to offer our clients assistance with their employment efforts. We help individual prepare to search for jobs that will help sustain their lives and create a stable housing environment. Please click the titles for details about each service.

These Housing Stability Services are brought to you by the Waco Housing Authority and Affiliates through a grant by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Services.

Job Seeker Web Page

Offer more than a resume. Here you will be able to present your best skills and qualifications with multimedia to create that great first impression. Click the video to get started.

Resume Creator

Use our online app to create your own resume effectively. Fill in the blanks with your education, experience and skill set to get a PDF resume.

Employee Assistance Publications

You have access to various publications through our online resource. This can cover subjects on Job Search, Interviewing, Resume Writing, Job Success in addition to Stress and Finance. Online resources include video and audio presentations dealing with problem-solving and decision-making. Topics are related to life, nutrition, jobs, health, home,
family with a Better You, and Better Lyfe theme.

Job Search Strategies

Learn helpful tips and strategies in preparing for your job search. Read the 10 Steps to a Job Search Workbook available here for helpful tools that will make your job searching more organized and successful.

Job Retention

Strategies for keeping a job and using your talents to advance your career.


Let us teach you the major tips and techniques you'll need for a successful interview, using video and online publications. Learn the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, what to wear, what to ask and what to do after the interview.

Work Readiness

Learn the steps for changing your life through preparation for a great job. Show the employer you have taken the extra steps to be the best candidate. Sign up for classes and learn it all here. A certificate showing you are Work-Ready will be provided.

Stress Management & Finance

De-stress your life using simple and practical systems. One of the biggest stressors is with handling our finances. Learn all about managing expenses with your current income. Check out the publications available for Stress and Finance.

Making a Transition

There is much to consider when making a transition, especially and uncomfortable one. But things must change to get better. This publication helps you realize your capabilities and navigate the changes coming your way.


Sound Bites help you with personal and family management, life changes and other challenging situations.